Qualitative data

Long term prisoners’ accounts of their sentence (Marguerite Schinkel): transcripts from 27 narrative interviews  with long-term prisoners in Scotland (6 at the start of their sentence, 12 at the end and 9 on license). The interviews explored their life narrative, the purpose and meaning of their sentence and issues of legitimacy and desistance. Language: English.

The development of violence and suicide inside youth correctional facilities (Holger Schmidt): transcripts of 36 problem-centred interviews with juvenile offenders. The interviews focused on issues of violence, suicide and (in-)justice within the context of their everyday life experiences before and in prison. Language: German.

Long term prisoners’ desire to change (Jennifer Doekhie): transcripts from 10 in depth interviews  with long-term prisoners in the Netherlands (all at the end of their sentence). More interviews will follow after their release. The interviews explored their life before this sentence, the experience and relationships in prison and their expectations and plans for the future. The questions revolve around social and subjective factors (like identity change and self-efficacy) to explore the process of desistance. Language: Dutch

Adult and Juvenile Sexual Offenders in the Social Therapeutic Institutions of the Free State of Saxony (Gunda Wößner): transcripts of 149 narrative interviews with released sexual and violent offenders to explore the transition from prison to life without imprisonment, the ex-inmates’ living conditions approximately one year after release and the processes of desistance or recidivism (with a particular focus on correctional measures). Language: German

Electronic Monitoring in the Correctional Facilities of Baden-Württemberg (Gunda Wößner): transcripts of 43 interviews with inmates who were electronically monitored as a means of release preparation. The interviews investigated how the tracked persons experienced the intervention of being electronically monitored as a means of release preparation. Language: German

Prisoners’ adjustment to prison (Leonel Cunha Gonçalves): In-depth interviews with 25 male prisoners in two different Portuguese prisons. The interview schedule includes two major topics: prisoners’ perception on influences of their adjustment to prison and the coping strategies they use. Language: Portuguese.