ESC Conference Münster September 21st-24th

Once again the ESC conference is approaching fast and we will soon meet in Münster . We have a number of panel sessions running, in which some of our work will be highlighted. Please do come along and support as many as possible:

  • Thu, 22.9., 8:30 am, F-Building F5, 1.18 “Life in prison” (Chair: Carla Reeves)
  • Thu, 22.9., 10 am, F-Building F5, 2.18 “Prison as a stressful place” (Chair: Ueli Hostettler)
  • Thu, 22.9., 3:45 pm, F-Building F5, 4.18 “Adjustment to life in prison” (Chair: Kirstin Drenkhahn)
  • Thu, 22.9., 5:30 pm, F-Building F5, 5.18 “Prison Life” (Chair: Chris Holligan)
  • Fri, 23.9., 10 am, U-Building ULB 101, 7.12 “Understanding the quality of prison life” (Chair: Kirstin Drenkhahn)
  • Fri, 23.9., 2:15 pm, F-Building F5, 8.18 “Re-integration efforts in prison” (Chair: Anja Dirkzwager)
  • Fri, 23.9.,5:45 pm, F-Building F5, 9.18 “Imprisonment and life after release” (Chair: Anja Dirkzwager)

Our pre-conference meeting is on Wednesday afternoon, 3-5 pm, F-building, room F072. We’ll talk about our spring meeting next year and any ideas for collaboration that you have in mind. As always all members and other interested persons are welcome to join this meeting.

Below is a map of the different conference buildings: 


Workshop Spring 2016

The fourth workshop of the Working Group will take place on the 20th and 21st of April 2016 in Odense, University of Southern Denmark. Please get in touch with Linda Kjær Minke at before January 15, 2016 if you want to attend, and indicate whether or not you would like to give a presentation. If so, please also supply a working title.

ESC Conference Porto September 2 – 5

The ESC conference is approaching fast – soon we will meet each other in beautiful Porto. Our working group has organised a number of panel sessions again, in which some of our work will be highlighted. So, please pay attention to the following parallel sessions:

  • Session 1.1 (Thursday): Migration, prison and law enforcement
  • Session 1.4 (Thursday): Mental health and mental health care and in European prisons
  • Session 1.17 (Thursday): Punishment and welfare revisited: A critical look at Nordic penal regimes
  • Session 2.4 (Thursday): Security and the prison climate
  • Session 3.4 (Thursday): Young persons’ experience with imprisonment
  • Session 6.4 (Thursday): Prisons in transition: New vulnerabilities
  • Session 7.4 (Friday): Influences on life after imprisonment

We will also have a pre-conference meeting on Wednesday, September 2nd from 14:30-16:30 pm. Of course all members and other interested persons are welcome to join this meeting.

During this pre-conference meeting we plan to combine a discussion part on working group related issues (e.g. the next workshop, formation of thematic subgroups, and future activities/plans) with a more content-related part, with Barbora Hola from the VU University in Amsterdam presenting  “Life after Punishment at International Criminal Tribunals: Rehabilitation of ‘Enemies of Mankind” based on the ‘When justice is done’ project (for more information: This is a project on what happens to persons who have been acquitted or convicted by international criminal courts and tribunals. We will close with some drinks before the ESC opening ceremony.

The venue for the pre-conference meeting is:
Seminário de Vilar, room 8, 2nd floor
Rua Arcediago Vanzeller, no. 50,
4050-621 Porto

You can see the location on this map:,-8.630066,14z?hl=en-US
See also the website of the diocese to get an idea of the building’s lay-out:

How to get there?
By metro: estação Casa da Música (estação = station)
– Line: A (blue), B (red), C (green), E (violet), F (orange)
By bus: Paragem Palácio (paragem = stop)
– Bus number: 200,201,207; 208,302,303; 501,507,601; 12M,13M, ZM; 104, 119

Annual Workshop March 26th & March 27th, 2015

Rosie Meeks has generously offered to host this year’s annual workshop. It will take place at the Royal Holloway University of London in Egham. Please download the REVISED programme (new as of 10/03/2015): ESC_workshop_2015_revised schedule v3-1

We have received a lot of enthusiastic responses, and will have 23 participants presenting about their work. This gives us a great opportunity to learn more about each other’s research and interests. If you would like to attend, please contact Anja Dirkzwager.

ESC conference Prague September 10-13 2014

Our next meeting will take place just before the ESC conference in Prague, on Wednesday 10 September in the afternoon. There is also the opportunity to present in thematic panel sessions at the conference. Kirstin Drenkhahn will be arranging several around prison life and the effects of imprisonment.  if you would like to present in one of these panels, please email her your abstract by Friday 9 May.